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Photographer Linda Pedroso grew up believing that climbing the corporate ladder was the only

way to achieve success. So, that’s what she did. Forgoing college, she worked her way through

the fashion industry, eventually landing a position as a Production and Sourcing Manager. But

after 17 years, having worked for several high-profile companies including Ralph Lauren, Calvin

Klein, and Betsey Johnson, Linda realized that the world of fashion wasn’t the place her heart

longed to be.

Determined to find her calling, Linda decided to build a side business as an event planner. Once

again—as is her way—she taught herself about the industry and began planning fun and fabulous

events all across NYC. Yet even this new success she’d created for herself didn’t completely fill

the void.

Then one Christmas day, she received a Canon Rebel T2I camera. Eager to expand her

knowledge and skills in the field, Linda began taking classes with Hoboken, NJ based

Photographer and arts educator, Craig Wallace Dale. Enamored with his way of using images to

tell stories, Linda’s fun and relaxing hobby quickly morphed into a passion she couldn’t see her

life without.

Eight years later, Linda’s love for capturing memories led to the development of her own

company—Linda Pedroso Photography, LLC. Behind the lens, she aims to create breathtaking

images for private and corporate events, real estate, and portraits. Her expanding list of clients

includes Healing Hands Scrubs, Comedian and SNL writer, Sam Jay, and Lifestyle International

Realty as well as (commercial) development companies and resorts.

Linda currently works from her home studio in Jersey City, NJ and is diligently making strides

toward her dream of building a one-stop media shop—an inclusive and safe space for other

artists to create, learn, and build community.

Though going from corporate worker to business owner was not without its challenges, Linda

hopes her journey inspires her nieces, nephews, and other young people to follow their intuition

and dreams.

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